Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wrimo for God

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a competition across the United States (and some other countries too), one that few enter and even fewer finish. The contest dimensions are easy enough - write a 50,000-word novel during the month of November.

I believe YOU have a novel within you. It might be started this November. It might only be a stream-of-consciousness collection of anecdotes about your walk with Christ. It might be a collection of recipes, one hundred for every state in the union. It might be a set of poems you start and finish writing with more focus than you have ever given anything.

The question is - are YOU one of those people who has felt they had a novel waiting to get out, waiting to have a voice, waiting for the right moment?

What if tomorrow is that moment? What if THIS November, you were open to the possibility of writing that novel?

I challenge you to pray! Seek God's guidance in this! And if you are open to it, and God is speaking to you through this blog, then write! Write to glorify His name! Write to convey the sorrows you have experienced and how Jesus walked you through resolution! Write about how forgiveness changed your life once you gave some problem to Him. Write about some personal miracle or revelation you have experienced!

You don't need to share it ... you don't even have to write this for any particular reason ... but consider praying about it. It might be that small step you need to begin a profound change in your life!