Friday, July 18, 2008

Love Songs

The world is addicted to love. If you have any doubt about it, look around you! On the internet, most of the things being offered (be they products, services, or a mélange of both) are attempts at expressions of love. Some are Machiavellian in their attempt, some are destructive - but the truly successful are either actual expressions of love or direct perversions of love. Truly there is something marvelous and enduring about love. The world itself is also full of expressions of love. From the color of the leaves to the manner in which sun dances across the sky, poets never run out of new ways to expression the apparently mundane, not because of the artistic capacity of the artist, but because of the enduring nature of love.

That being said, most of the things being offered are the short-route. Names are nicked, paths are shortened, and our culture pounds her drum of synchronicity, suggesting that those who do not adopt the popular expression of whatever is being offered are somehow in the wrong. Thus, the attempt at expressions of love being offered are also hindered - for they offer the alluring side of love most of us find easiest to appreciate - being on the receiving end of love.

Far more unpopular, by any stretch, are those that offer and observe techniques for providing love. And yet, everyone values being given love. Marriages that have the strength of hardened steel, friendships that stand the test of time, and relationships that do not falter due to circumstance or time are all common examples of this second kind of love - something most of us ache for but never find.

For a believer, the best way of directly and unabashedly offering that love is to share their faith - to talk about Christ Jesus. For a world seeking - nay starving and screaming - for that love, Christ offers that love, a means of acquiring that love, and a life-style that promises (and delivers!) that love in recurring, palatable, detectable, measurable, and profound instances of love. Of course, that offering needs to be done in God's time - one of the best ways of convincing someone you don't know Christ is to offer Christ when YOU think it needs to be offered. Remember: Some were sent, some just went.

Thus, your best bet is to live an abundant and full life giving perpetual credit to Christ and living in accordance with His scriptures.

Call to action:
Live today as if God were your co-pilot, sharing your decision making process with Him, giving ear to Him when you make actual decisions, and waiting patiently for His voice when you don't quite have peace about things.

Oh yes - and if a little voice suggests you need an umbrella or the like, act on it and don't argue!