Friday, May 22, 2009

What value perfection?

I - Perfection

One of the recurring themes in expression, whether artistic, personal, or otherwise, is that of perfection.  I believe we consider someone a master because they've "mastered" the ability to be perfect in some realm - whatever perfection means in that realm.  Everyone has something they're mastering - be it mastery of self, mastery of character, mastery of a profession/tool/skill, or mastery of presentation.  Desire for mastery abounds.  Actual mastery is found with far less frequency.

When identifying something universal to all people, I find it profoundly important to ask the question "why?”  Why would a desire for perfection be embedded in each of us?  Does it have a purpose?


II - Eden

The Garden of Eden must have been an amazing place.  First and foremost, it was the only garden created by God.  Can you imagine someone with the creative gifts of God, who made volcanoes, black-holes, anti-matter, time, space, trees, and clouds?  Can you then imagine what kind of wonder the garden must have possessed?  The variety of flora and fauna, the textures, colors, flavors, and sheer abundance must have been awe-inspiring.  Included in this mix were two interesting trees - one of Knowledge and one of Life.

Given God's creative nature, His ability to do things right the first time, it seems a small leap to consider that His plan for man was to love forever.  What would it mean for man to live forever?


III - Consider

* You were made to live forever.  It may be in your current body, a glorified body, or something in between.

* You were made to recognize and appreciate perfection.

* Neither is possible without God.


IV - Action

Imagine every thought you have today will reflect upon you forever.

Guide your eyes, hands, tongue, and mind to guide each thought to reflect this.

Select thoughts by which you would wish to be known.