Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to turn a faithless nation in 21 days

There is a movement going around, one passed along in loud, hushed tones along internet lines. The crux of the movement is to emulate Daniel's righteous behavior in praying and purification.

Daniel's prayer is one of mourning.
Daniel's purification comes by chastening himself before the Lord Christ Jesus.

Daniel's walk may be discovered in Daniel 10 - his faithfulness and mourning are heard and his prayers are answered. And the movement's basic thrust is the same:

Can we, as a nation, join in a prayer of mourning?
Can we chasten ourselves to His glory?

Think of it as Jonah wailing in the streets. We are being called to pray for the our country. Pray that God will turn our nation around.

Will you do the same?

Turn back your heart to God today! Remember your first love! Purify yourself before His holy will and give the silent moments that comprise the space between events to God today.

Listen in the stillness. He is speaking. Will you choose to listen?