Saturday, July 11, 2009


I hate waiting. Mostly I hate knowing about something that is important and having to wait for it to happen. It is a weakness of mine, and God has certainly been working with me through various trials - I have seen myself improve immeasurably on this point. But I hate waiting. I bring this up because, in my most fierce times, when waiting is frustrating and painful, I am most humbled when my eyes turn to God. Because, God is love, and love is patient. And so God is patient.

Recently, in Virginia, America, NASA launched a rocket from Wallops Island. It was a relatively large project, involving dozens of people, a fair number of teams, millions of dollars in resources, and TIME. It took upwards of two years for this team to organize their efforts to the a single purpose.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever been part of a group that had a single goal, and worked together with that group over a period in excess of a year on that goal, and completed it successfully? I haven't. And I am amazed at the conscientious focus, character, and integrity behind the ability of any group to maintain mindfulness of an ideal long enough to accomplish this kind of task.

If we pan out, God has done this kind of focused and intentional waiting for far longer - in each of our lives, He is doing it right now. Waiting in His perfect time for His perfect help or patience or whatever we need.

He has the necessary character to see it through.
And he has the authority to accomplish it.
All we need to do is trust Him.
Do you?

Call to Action:
Recognize that God has short-term and long-term plans for you. Given this, most of the short term plans and trials you will experience will likely lead into His long-term plans. Your job, today and every day following, is to be mindful of the manner in which you can develop into the person God needs you to be to execute His long-term plans. Don't rush it but be mindful of opportunities, thoughts, and passions you have that may be drawing you away from Christ. Hold them up to Him and consider getting rid of them. Repeat daily.