Monday, February 02, 2009

What is love?

I think Jesus spent nearly his whole ministry answering this question.  In fact, you could say this question is the principal motivation for the whole of scripture.   And I believe, without the God, nobody on earth has the slightest idea what love IS.

This is mostly because we often define things the opposite of the absence of things.

We define cold as that which is not hot and vice versa.  Nobody really knows what heat is.
We define darkness as that which is not lit and vice versa.  Same thing as before.
We can't even identify what gravity is - we can simply predict, for the most part, when it shows up.

If we can't event identify such simple things as hot, light, and gravity, we certainly can't begin to know what LOVE is - the most complex and powerful emotion on the planet.

And we know this intuitively.  Poets dream about knowing true love - and all the best poets will tell you that they have but a fleeting whisper of this intangible.  Politicians offer the appearance of love in exchange for your pledge.  And philanthropists would have you believe that they are motivated by it.

But without God nobody gets it.  As a matter of fact, without God, nobody realizes they don't get it.

So this is my challenge to you today:

1. Assume you have no idea, in the natural, what love actually looks like.

2. Look up in the bible to identify what love looks like, how it appears, how to identify its particular characteristics.  It may be of use to visit Corinthians 13 (link).

3. Intention to be a walking representative of this - and when it gets hard (and it will), pray through and seek God's guidance.

4. Post your results here!