Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Thoughts on rhetoric

I was thinking on something last night.

I've been intellectually swayed by a well-turned phrase for a long number of years. If you say the right words, in the right sequence, and nothing that you say contradicts my experience, I can often accept what you say as literally true. I can do this because I have no reason to question the veracity.

Then along comes reality - and those parts that bear no fruit, that don't match reality, often fall adrift.

I think this is good in some ways - building one's foundations on the sand of reason can often be understood implicitly as poor craftsmanship in addition to just being foolish.

I think this is bad in some ways - in as much as faith is belief without experience, if a new experience can thwart belief one wonders if there were any at the start.

I think that, ultimately, it's a good thing. It has allowed me to accept Christ without reservation much of my life - certainly ever since I was adopted by God as a new son. It has allowed me to hold my peace and feel less abandoned when others don't walk my path. And it has given me something concrete that I can share - something that none can remove or destroy.

And so I praise Christ who strengthens me that He has allowed me to accept He is sovereign without immediate, tangible evidence - for His evidence lasts longer and envelopes those who accept that reign.

How about you?